If you have a longer message or landscape picture, the SP29 keyring is the ideal answer.

Measuring 50 x 20mm, the shape also suits full length portrait designs if you want to change the orientation.

Its concave gives this keyring an extra sense of style and the added bonus of creating the optical illusion of magnifying the print on the insert. It's for that reason that some other distributors call this the 'Magnifying Keyring'.

This keyring differs from most other keyrings in our range in that it doesn't use a window to slot the insert into place - there are two halves to the acrylic design which pivot off the split ring connector and click into place once you've popped in your insert.

SP29 Clearview Keyring - 50mm x 20mm


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    Sequentially Numbered Keyrings  Ideal for Estate Agents / Car Hire/ Hotels.

    Also popular by Estate agents re-open keyrings & reopenable keytags for self coding

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