If you need to re-open and replace your keyring inserts on a one-off or regular basis, the SP27 keyring is the best suggestion for you.

Boasting one of our larger insert sizes at 50 x 30mm, the SP27 can easily be opened by inserting a coin into the small lip at the bottom of the keyring, and turning the coin to separate both sides of the acrylic, which pivot on the split ring connector, rather than having a body and a window like many of our other keyrings.

Though the process of opening the keyring to change inserts is quick and easy, the quality of the design means that these keyrings stay rigidly in place until you need to open them, thanks to the excellent fit between the two halves of the keyring.

SP27 Clearview Keyring - 50mm x 30mm **RE-OPENABLE**